Other Equipment

ERGOMARE SA‘s competitive advantage is the privately owned floating machinery and equipment. However, the company’s other (land) equipment is significant too, whether it is considered special or not. ERGOMARE SA keeps on investing in new equipment, marine or land, or adding value to it by regular service, in order to be able to meet in time the construction of the projects it undertakes.

Our company due to its in depth knowledge of the Greek market, has access to a multitude of floating machinery (floating diggers) or other equipment (excavators, loaders , trucks, batch- ing plants, etc. ) that may be required in each construction phase project .

Moreover, a series of supporting means (cars, vans) and special equipment (depth soundings special electronic equipment, diving equipment) is available.

Floating Excavator DIMITRIOS

Main Features
Year Built2009
Dredging CapacityUp to 400m3/hour
Hull MaterialSteel
Dimensions25,28 X 11,50 X 2,00
Net Tonnage126 tns
Gross Tonnage145 tn
EnginesO & H RH30D /70tns (Without propulsion means)
Type of ExcavatorO & H RH30D /70tns
Bucket3 m3

All our boats are surveyed by the International Naval Surveys Bureau

International Naval Surveys Bureau