Tug Boats

ERGOMARE SA owns private Tug Boats. The Tug Boats are used for towage of big or smaller boats or floating equipment and they are suitable for working in relatively small depth, as is usually needed in Port and Marine infrastructure works. Mostly, they are manned by experienced sailors, well trained for their specific tasks, securing a safe towage. Moreover, our tug boats are used when a marine transport of special equipment is assigned.


Main Features
TypeTUG BOAT for sea transport and off shore works
Year Built1982 Romania
Call SignSY 8123
Hull MaterialSteel
Overall LengthLOA = 23,28m
Overall BreadthBmax = 6,97m
Maximum Draughtdmax = 2,40m
Register DepthD = 2,65 m
Gross TonnageGT=99,30
Net TonnageNT=15,39
DeadweightDWT = 140 t
Engines2X480 DOOSAN V158TIH


Main Features
TypeAssistant TUG BOAT for sea transport and off shore works
Year Built1978 Greece
Call SignSV 5359
Hull MaterialSteel
Overall LengthLOA = 12,20m
Overall BreadthBmax = 3,65m
Maximum Draughtdmax = 2,40m
Register DepthD = 1,63 m
Gross TonnageGT=16,66
Net TonnageNT=8,69
Engines1X141 VOLVO TD60

All our boats are surveyed by the International Naval Surveys Bureau

International Naval Surveys Bureau