Floating Cranes

ERGOMARE SA owns today (2015), among others, the two biggest floating cranes in Greece (type LIMA 2400). The two “twin-cranes” over all platform dimensions are: 20,00 Χ 50,00 Χ 3,00 (m). Being equipped with the most appropriate parts of several sizes (buckets, graspers etc) together with power generators, compressors, welding – sets, they offer full ac- commodation even when offshore.

Due to the big deck surface, they can carry on board cargo up to 1.400 tons and they are suit- able for carrying large parts (e.g. wind-power generators’ parts) that cannot be carried by other conventional vessels.

The LIMA 2400B heavy duty cranes offer the most reliable solutions for the marine and port infra- structure construction works allowing:

  • Lifting cargoes up to 120 tons
  • Under water soil (bottom) excavation of up to 4.000 m2 per working day
  • Placing of artificial concrete blocks up to 1.000 m3 per day
  • Placing of special artificial concrete blocks or breakwater protection (e.g. accropode, tetrapode) up to 1.200 m3 per day
  • Placing of natural big stones weighing up to 20 tons each, with a daily production of 1.400 m3

​ERGOMARE offers the possibility for renting a floating crane, according to their availability.


Main Features
Length (OA)50,30 m
Breadth (OA)20,00 m
Depth3,00 m
Net Tonnage790,44 REG. TONS
Gross Tonnage806,97 REG. TONS
Year Built1978/ ROMANIA
Carrying Capacity1400 tn
Capacity / M215,48 tn
Generator 135 KVA
Generator 212 KVA
Accomodation5 persons
CraneLIMA 2400B
Lifting Capacity150 tn
EngineCaterpillar D-379 /479hp–1200r.p.m.


Main Features
Length (OA)50,30 m
Breadth (OA)20,00 m
Depth3,00 m
Net Tonnage790,44 REG. TONS
Gross Tonnage806,97 REG. TONS
Year Built1983 /ROMANIA
Carrying Capacity1200 tn
Capacity / M213,48 tn
Generator 150 KVA
Generator 230 KVA
Accomodation8 persons
CraneLIMA 2400A
Lifting Capacity120 tn
EngineCaterpillar D-397 /473hp


In works where there is no need for relatively big lifting capacity like underwater placing of cables, formation of final layer of the concrete blocks seating, drainage placing etc, the solution is provided by more economical equipment that is a smaller floating crane of lifting capacity up to 70 tons:

Main Features
Length (OA)29,10 m
Breadth (OA)13,55 m
Depth1,55 m
Net Tonnage74,00 REG. TONS
Gross Tonnage247,00 REG. TONS
Year Built1958/ ROMANIA
Carrying Capacity400 tn
Capacity / M215,48 tn
Generator 115 KVA
Accomodation5 persons
Lifting Capacity40 tn
EngineCummins NT-855PTC /335hp–2100r.p.m.

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