The barges owned by ERGOMARE SA cover a rage of capacities (from 200 to 1.800 m3) and are in perfect operational condition. They are used to dump excavation products, carry gravel products or other materials even in big distances. They are also used in several stages of the port infrastruc- ture works like in placing stones on the seating layer of the concrete blocks.

With the use of the towable barges we can provide solutions for the marine transport to any area, keeping the cost low, due to the big cargo capacity, securing big and continuous production.


Main Features
Year Built1990
Last Inspection2010
Hull MaterialSteel
Dimensions50,30 X 12 X 2,20
Register DepthWithout propulsion means
Net Tonnage615,48 tns
Cargo Capacity450 m3 / 850 tns
Gross Tonnage642,39 tns
EnginesWithout propulsion means


Main Features
Year Built1980 Romania
Last Inspection2014
Hull MaterialSteel
Overall LengthLOA = 60,30m
Overall BreadthBmax = 11,30m
Maximum Draughtdmax = 3,40m
Register DepthD = 3,93 m
Holds legths34 m
Cargo Capacity940 cum
Gross TonnageGT=940,81
DeadweightDWT = 1.500 t
EnginesWithout propulsion means

All our boats are surveyed by the International Naval Surveys Bureau

International Naval Surveys Bureau