Message from the CEO

Greece is a coastal and insular country with the largest coastline in the world so its need for port infrastructure is continuous and timeless. The popular tourist islands and the major coastal cities have constant needs for modern port infrastructure. At the same time there is an urging social need for connecting the most isolated islands to the mainland. So, over the time, what is required is incessant development of new port facilities along with the necessary service and modernization of the older ones.

ΕRGOMARE SA is proud to have put its own great contribution to the country’s port infrastructure during the last 35 years, having accomplished more than 100 large and small port projects. Combining family tradition and the inventive spirit of the Greek engineer together with traditional Greek seamanship, ERGOMARE has delivered timely, the most demanding port projects in geographical and technical terms.

Today, future challenges are exciting: the growing need for modern Marinas, the recent trends in world maritime transports and the tackling of the coastal erosion problem due to climate change, bring the technical world of port and marine projects in the front line.

ERGOMARE SA is here to meet the challenges of the future: inspired by family tradition, with the knowledge and experience deriving from decades, equipped with the most modern equipment and staffed by experienced and qualified engineers, operators and technicians, ERGOMARE is ready to undertake even the most demanding port projects in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Ιoannis K. Bitounis
Civil Engineer N.T.U.A